Microgeneration proposal to sell electricity back to grid under Climate Action Plan welcomed by Councillor Maguire


Councillor Sinéad Maguire has welcomed proposals to establish a new Microgeneration Scheme, allowing all who generate excess electricity sell back to the national grid under the all-of-Government Climate Action Plan.


Councillor Maguire said, “This is an issue which I raised directly with Minister Bruton following representations made to me from farmers wishing to set up solar panel farms and I am delighted that this has been included in the plan. The provision of this scheme will help encourage homeowner and famers look positively on the prospect of introducing renewable sources of energy as they plan for the future.”


“This proposal follows on from Minister Creed’s announcement in April of the opening of €10 million Renewable Energy grants for farms under the Targeted Agricultural Measures Scheme (TAMS). This Scheme includes applications for inclusion of Solar PV Installation on Famers. This together with the prospect of being able to sell surplus energy back to the grid in the future may make this a more attractive proposal for Farmers.


The Government aims to have 70% of all electricity from renewal able sources by 2030 and this microgeneration scheme will be a key element of implementation of this target.


Full details of TAM Scheme is available at:-https://www.agriculture.gov.ie/farmerschemespayments/tams/