Maguire spearheads new GLAN (Green Local Area Network) initiative for Sligo

Councillor Sinéad Maguire has introduced the GLAN (Green Local Area Network) initiative to Sligo County Council and is delighted that they are going to support her motion to introduce this simple but effective initiative in Sligo.

Cllr. Maguire says “The aim of GLAN (operated in conjunction with An Taisce), is to develop Sligo as a cleaner, greener and more environmentally sustainable town. The GLAN programme, aims to help businesses and organisations to transition towards sustainable practices. This initiative has been introduced very successfully in both Tralee and Dingle to date. It operates by asking participants to make ‘green and clean’ pledges/Commitments.”

“I have liaised with Sligo Tidy Towns, Sligo Chamber of Commerce and Sligo Environmental Network who have all expressed interest in this project and who believe that it will dovetail with their goals and work they are already undertaking.”

“The aim is to introduce green/clean practices in a practical sense – regular clean-ups, taking responsibility for upkeep of an area of town, implementing waste reduction practices and moving away from single use plastics. Pledges fall into different categories to ensure all sectors of our community are involved – retail, catering, education, office, hotel and pubs, personal services and clubs and societies.”

“The towns that have adapted this initiative to date report very positive responses,” continued Cllr Maguire, “many of the businesses involved contact GLAN to sign up to the programme themselves. I am confident that businesses and organisations in Sligo would be very receptive to the introduction of this scheme given the environmental and social benefits that will come from same.”