Cllr. Maguire attends Climate Action Townhall Meeting hosted by Minister Richard Bruton T.D.

Councillor Sinéad Maguire was present at the fifth in a series of Townhall Meetings on Climate Action hosted by Minister John Bruton T.D. which took place in Donegal on Tuesday 23rd July. The event was co-hosted by representatives from SEAI, the Environmental Protection Agency, Teagasc and Donegal County Council.

Councillor Maguire said of the event “it was a very well attended meeting which offered an opportunity for many in attendance to engage with the panel and raise issues. There were many activists present and there was a feeling of frustration that enough was not being done quickly enough.”

“Discussions ranged from public transport and the need to improve it, our over dependence on fossil fuels, forestry to the issues with monoculture and the move to renewal energies and feeding into the grid and gas exploration.”

“SEAI Representatives outlined the resources and support which are available to community groups including funding for plans to make communities more sustainable and €24 million towards capital works.”

“The discussion provoked thought and discussion of the Government’s plan to tackle climate challenges. The Climate Action Plan, led by Minister Bruton, aims to give Irish people a cleaner, safer and mores sustainable future. By engaging with the public through theses Townhall meetings, it ensures that all voices can be heard. These meetings form part of the Government task to begin work to enable Ireland to meet its targets on green house emissions reductions set for 2030 and 2050.”


For more information on the Government Climate Action Plan please see